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Changes the Caps Lock key's behavior so that when you select any text and press the key, it reverses the text's case


Ultimate tool for customizing Windows, lets you change many icons and parts of Windows

7 to 8.1 Start Button Converter

Extracts the 3 images from Windows 7 start orb bitmaps

Ultimate Icon Converter

Lets you easily create new .ico files and extract images from .ico files

Windows 7+ Theme Installer

Lets you easily install 3rd party Windows themes and replace system files

7+ Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker

Lets you customize how the thumbnails appear when you mouse over any taskbar item


Automatically presses Ctrl+S after a time interval to automatically save the file you're working on

Windows Games Tweaker

Lets you enable debug and quick access menus in default Windows 7 and Vista games

Ultimate Context Menu Customizer

Lets you easily add, remove or edit items in the right-click/context menu

Windows Close Button Resizer

Lets you change the width of the close button in Windows 7 and Vista

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer

Lets you hide, show or rename items in the Explorer navigation pane

DreamScene Activator

Lets you set a video as the desktop wallpaper

Easy File Replacer

Lets you easily replace two files from the context menu

Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner

Lets you pin anything to the taskbar in Windows 7 (pin things that Windows doesn't allow you to)

Windows Tray Icons Creator

Lets you create shortcuts for anything in the notifications area/system tray

Windows Application Blocker

Lets you block any app so that it can't be run by the user

Windows Aero Switcher

Makes a shortcut in the system tray/notifications area to toggle Windows Aero on or off

7 Start Menu User Picture Remover

Installs a theme that removes the user picture from the start menu in Windows 7

Windows 7 Start Button Creator

Lets you easily create a Windows 7 start orb bitmap by choosing 3 images

Windows 7 Start Button Animator

Lets you set any animated .GIF as the start button in Windows 7

7 Show Desktop Button Remover

Hides the show desktop button in the right-hand corner of the taskbar

Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker

Lets you hide the Aero Blur in Windows 7, which makes the taskbar and windows completely transparent without blur

Windows 7 Battery Bar

Shows the battery status in the taskbar

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