Windows Application Blocker is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to easily block any app so that it cannot be run by the user:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

You can block apps if you find yourself constantly distracted by some app, for parental control or just want to play a prank on someone.

This app can also be used to unblock apps that are disabled by your administrator.

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Blocking an app

Type the app's file name in the Application File Name textbox (including the extension) and click Block.

Finding any app's file name:

  1. Right-click on the app's shortcut.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. The app's file name will be in Target textbox (like notepad.exe).

Unblocking an app

Select the app that you want to unblock in the Blocked Applications list and click Unblock.


If any app doesn't get blocked:

  1. Make sure the file name is correct and includes the extension (.exe).
  2. Restart the app.
  3. Restart explorer/log off and log on.

Known circumvention methods

This app modifies the Windows Registry to block apps. Apps blocked using this app can be easily unblocked using the Windows Registry, Group Policy Editor or simply by changing the file name of the app.

Download Windows Application Blocker

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