AeroTouch for Leap Motion Controller: Configure Gestures To Control Your Windows PC

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AeroTouch is an app for the Leap Motion™ Controller which lets you easily configure different gestures to perform any action for any app.

For example, a swipe up gesture can maximize the active window while a swipe down can minimize it. A swipe left gesture can snap the active window to the left side of your screen and similarly a swipe right gesture can snap it to the right side.

AeroTouch gives you endless possibilities, you can configure it to your liking to play a game or do any task with simple hand gestures.

How To Use:

Connect the Leap Motion Controller and start the app from Airspace™ Home. If you have run the app for the first time, it will ask you to view this tutorial. The app window will open.

In the left pane, select the app for which you want to configure the settings. The Global option will perform the actions for every app whose settings are not manually set. To set manual settings for an app, click the Add button, locate the app and select it.

To remove an app and all its settings, select the app in the left pane and click the Remove button. If you click the Remove button when the Global option is selected, all the settings of the Global option will be reset.

In the right pane, you can view the 1 finger gestures. Click on 1 Finger and select a different option to configure gestures for different number of fingers/tools:

The available gestures are:

For each gesture, you can set a different action:

To perform different actions when gestures take place in different areas of the Leap Motion Controller, click Everywhere and select a different option:

Whenever any action is performed (but not by any continuous gesture), a notification balloon will pop up from the notification area:

Check the Launch on startup option so that the app automatically starts when your PC starts.

If you want to save the settings, right-click on the left pane and select Export all settings to export the settings of every app or Export selected settings to export the settings of the selected app. To import the saved settings, open the saved file and click Yes.

To fine tune the gesture detection sensitivity and other settings, select the Gesture Settings tab and configure the options:

To exit the app, right-click its icon in the notification area and select Exit:

Note : No actions will be performed when the active app is running as admin. The Task Switcher action will only work in Windows 7 since Windows 8+ blocks apps from simulating the Alt+Tab hotkey. If you exit the app and run it as admin from %LocalAppData%\AirspaceApps\AeroTouch, it will perform the actions even when the active app is running as admin:

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