AutoSaver : Save The File You Are Working On Automatically

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AutoSaver is a free portable tool that saves the file on which you are working after an interval of time that you can set. It works on all apps that support the hotkey CTRL + S.

Download AutoSaver

How to use:

Run the app. Click on its tray icon to show the settings window.

Select the Auto save in all apps except option if you want the app to auto-save in all apps except the ones that you added in the list and select the Auto save only in these apps option if you want the app to auto-save only in the apps that you have added to the list. To add an app to the exclusion or inclusion list click Add, and browse for the app's exe file.

Select the Run when Windows starts option to add the app to your startup.

Click Hide to hide the app so that it goes back to the system tray and keeps on pressing CTRL + S after the interval of time that you have set. To close it, click Exit.

Download AutoSaver

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